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  • Elizabeth English | Principal & Consultant, EE and Associates | Speaker

  • Melissa Swartz | Owner, Swartz Consulting | Speaker


Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC) 
Annual Conference
October 6, 2015


Whether your VOIP implementation is hosted or premises based, how do you design for business continuity? During this jointly led session, Beth English and Melissa Swartz will explore how various configurations and architectures impact disaster recovery.   Three different case studies will be presented highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each design, while identifying strategies which could have been deployed to improve the configuration of each design.  If your client has mission critical operations tied to their communications system, understanding and designing for operations to function during major and minor failures is critical.  This interactive session will to help you and your clients identify strategies to improve survivability.   


Avoiding Disasters in VOIP Design