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  • Quentin Kramer | Director, UC Consulting & Architecture, SPS | Speaker

    Elizabeth English | Principal & Consultant, EE and Associates | Panelist

  • Joanna Belbey | Social Media & Compliance Specialist, Actiance | Panelist

  • Christopher Martini | VP of Skype for Business, ConnectSolutions | Panelist


Enterprise Connect
Unified Communications and Collaboration Track
March 7, 2016


Enterprises face complex compliance requirements from legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and many other local and federal regulations. Each new collaboration tool brings more questions: Does the enterprise save the content forever, delete it immediately, or something in between? Would this content ever be discoverable during a lawsuit? Does it need to be integrated into some larger customer record of our interactions? During this session, we'll cover best practices and customer experiences from hospitals, universities, financial services, and other verticals. We'll also cover different collaborative capabilities (IM/presence, voice, video, content sharing, etc.). Attendees will come away with a better understanding of best practices to facilitate compliance, and products and services to help them achieve this.




  • What are currently the biggest issues and concerns for regulatory compliance when it comes to enterprise communications systems?

  • How do some of the new collaboration technologies, such as IM/presence and content sharing, impact compliance within the enterprise?

  • How might some of the underlying transmission technologies and networks be affected by compliance issues?

  • What are the most important compliance issues related to using the cloud for communications, and how do these issues vary depending on the type of cloud (public, private, hybrid) that you use for communications?





Forbes Advisor Network, March 26, 2016.

Regulatory Compliance, eDiscovery, and Data Loss Prevention