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  • Robert Lee Harris | Mobility Specialist, EE and Associates


Enterprise Connect, Management and Security Track
March 7, 2016


Telecom carrier expenses are often seen as an inevitable cost that enterprise managers can't control or change until it's time to negotiate the contract. Join a leading consultant who will draw on his extensive experience with end user procurements and audits; he'll offer real-life tips and examples of ways to significantly reduce your telecommunications expenses, and to make those funds available for projects or upgrades. Finally, he will discuss pitfalls that can eat away at your newfound savings, and methods for documenting and preserving the funds for new projects.





In this session you will learn how to:

  • Figure out where the money's going; the key to identifying the best cost savings strategy.

  • Find big savings in telecom and network equipment maintenance audits

  • Identify unused software subscriptions and SIP services

  • Conduct a good old-fashioned telecom audit, and why it is even more relevant today.

  • Evaluate the cost/benefit of Telecom Expense Management systems and services.

  • Manage rising costs in local services.

How to Capture Quick Wins on Communications Budgets