scanned into drugstore photo machines -- I pondered the similarities between my reasons for moving photos to the cloud and the reasons our clients are making similar decisions for their communications platforms.

So what made me decide to make the move, and why is it relevant to today's communications technologies? The same arguments can be applied to both scenarios...

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From photo storage to UC, the reasons for moving to the cloud are the same.


On a recent weekend, after years of mulling it over, I made the decision to upload all of my photos, new and old, onto a shared, hosted drive. Over the next few weeks, as I began the process of locating and uploading photos from variety of devices going back several decades -- which included everything from a Mac, to thumb drives, DVDs from photo printing services, and paper photos

By Elizabeth English


Published September 6, 2017


No Jitter / SCTC Perspectives





The Case for Moving to Hosted Services