Making Sense of Pricing and Licensing
Enterprise Connect
March 17, 2015


Communications software pricing and licensing structures are at least as complex as the technology that runs the systemsoften more so. In this session, a leading expert on pricing and licensing will walk you through examples from some of the leading UC vendors' licensing packages, to help you understand what the real cost will be to deliver the UC features and functions you intend to purchase with a new system or an upgrade. You'll come away with real numbers and specific information that will let you develop your own template for pricing out a major UC software procurement, based on the unique situation that your enterprise and its users represent..


Key questions:

  • What do the licensing structures look like for the key elements of UC systems? How flexible are these licensing structures within the context of a large system procurement?

  • How has the evolution in communications products toward a greater emphasis on software affected pricing and licensing?

  • What are the pricing trends? Are prices coming down with the transition to software?

  • How much is competition among the vendors affecting pricing? How far down can you drive pricing when you're in procurement mode and choosing among vendors for a strategic deployment?

  • Where are licenses being 'bundled' with other products from a vendor? In these deals, what licenses might you already own, and what's an add-on?

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