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  • Douglas Carolus | Founder, Senior Consultant, DJC Consulting, LLC | Speaker

  • Elizabeth English | Principal & Consultant, EE and Associates | Speaker

  • Allan Feeney | FUJIFILM | SpeakerMark Hoover | Director of Information Technology, St. Elizabeth Physicians | Speaker

  • Dave Orth | Director/Voice and Data Communications, Gannett Co., Inc. | Speaker

  • Stephen Leaden | President, Leaden Associates, Inc. | Moderator


Enterprise Connect, Cloud Communications Track
March 18, 2014


The Cloud means different things to different enterprises, especially in Unified Communications, where pure Hosted services, procured from a service provider, are still a small share of the market compared with CPE. But what Cloud options are enterprises taking advantage of right now, and how did they evaluate the choices and arrive at the decisions they did? In this session, end users who have migrated to or begun migrating to some form of Cloud architecture for their Unified Communications will describe their experiences. They’ll show you what they did, why, and how, and they’ll offer a look at their roadmap for further use of the Cloud moving forward. You’ll come away from this session with tales from the trenches and real-world stories that will help you make decisions and implement those decisions with regard to cloud-based UC.



  • What do we mean, in a UC context, when we talk about Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hosted, and Managed services?

  • What are the key buying considerations when looking at different types of Cloud deployments for UC?

  • What factors are most important to weigh in making your Cloud decision: Financial? Technology? End user experience?

  • What types of service providers are appropriate for enterprise UC, depending on the Cloud architecture you’re considering?

  • What are the most important challenges and “gotchas” that enterprises must be aware of when considering the Cloud in any form?


Cloud UC Case Studies